• Anonymity of payment
  • No need for registration
  • Instant processing of payment data
  • Neosurf cards come with a few drawbacks

NeoSurf Australia prepaid card: how to use it

Some NeoSurf Australia users might not know that it is a younger “relative” of popular Neteller, known worldwide as one of the most trusted payment systems. Initially, this prepaid card was created for European users, but now, one can find a NeoSurf casino on the Green Continent as well. The aim of it is to let a user make fast transactions in the Neteller system. In this case, the money is transferred into a virtual wallet. Later, a casino client will replenish his account using it.

NeoSurf Australia card: how to use it

NeoSurf Australia card has got a unique PIN code: to use it, one should buy the card first (many retailers and even gas stations sell it), and to work with it with his Neteller login. The card has a unique 10-digits free NeoSurf code, and this code must be activated. After everything is done, it can be used within 6 months. Later, a new card can be bought, and if there is money left on the old one, it can be transferred to the new card. The players should be aware that the minimum transaction is 30 USD, while the biggest sum to deal with is the equivalent of 4000 USD. Gamblers cannot withdraw money using this system.

How to fund NeoSurf and deposit with it

NeoSurf is offered by many casinos because of its simple functionality. The easy availability of cards is another important argument that has prompted suppliers to work with this prepaid card. A player can replenish the NeoSurf balance online, using e-wallets. The commission will depend on the chosen system.

Paying with is quick and easy:

  • One must log in to the desired page (for example, an online casino) and choose payment option – NeoSurf
  • Then a window will appear: there, the user must enter a ten-digit code for decryption;
  • After confirming the entrance, payment will be made and the money will be immediately transferred to the player’s account;

NeoSurf Australia card can be dealt with when a casino deposit bonus using bonus codes is activated.

Undeniable benefits

The advantages for customers are obvious:

  1. NeoSurf Australia card is a reliable online payment option. For the client, it offers maximum comfort. Thus, the player does not need to register anywhere or provide personal or confidential financial data when purchasing the card.
  2. Everything is completely anonymous.
  3. A purchased card can be used immediately. Payments made using this system will be credited to the beneficiary’s account in less than a minute.

Australian NeoSurf casinos that deal with this card forewarn that to withdraw money, some other available payment system should be chosen. It can be an e-wallet (the same Neteller), bank card or a bank account.

Melissa Morris
Written by: Melissa Morris