Responsible Gambling in Online Casinos

Very often, people hear about Responsible Gambling that is often a complex of social activities and casino’s policy to prevent gambling addiction and to inform players much about this problem to help them before they deal with it.

The best Responsible Gambling in online casinos cooperate even with medical centers, which support gambling addicts and help them to overcome their addiction.

Responsible Gambling: what is it?

Responsible Gambling includes a wide range of activities taken by a casino and state to deal with problem gambling addictions that appear pretty often. First of all, each operator must verify the age of every gambler. Gamblers can start playing online only when they reach 18. Therefore, casinos require documents verification. If it is found that someone under 18 is trying to register at a casino, he is blocked.

Besides, casinos often recommend following these rules:

  • To set a personal budget and keep it. Gamblers should be ready to spend only a limited sum.
  • To play first for fun, not to earn money. Being relaxed, it is easier to control the game.
  • Play being sober and in a clear state of mind. Playing under alcohol of drugs can lead to money loss.
  • Take breaks regularly. When the fun is overshadowed by negative emotions, it may be time to take a break or use the tools and support services that Responsible Gambling casino offers.

The age verification

Some casino Responsible Gambling policies can vary, but each gambling site has one strict rule: one can start playing for money only after he reaches 18. Certain players dislike the process of verification as they do not want to share their personal information with others.

Trusted casinos always keep the players’ data safe. Age verification is needed only for one thing: to prevent addiction and to let people gambling legally. Sometimes, passport and ID copies are required; it should be taken as a needed measure to help people avoid problems. It is easier to prevent gambling addiction than to cure it.

Self-exclusion option at the online casinos

As part of their commitment to Responsible Gambling and their licensing agreements, the majority of reputable online AU casinos offer players the option of self-exclusion. As the name implies, self-exclusion is an approach whereby the player informs the casino that he or she wishes to be excluded from all games offered in this casino.

This is a harder alternative to setting loss limits. If this option is selected, the casino will block the player account for the relevant period and will not offer him any promotions during the scheduled time. Once this action is active, it cannot be undone. When this calming period is over, most online casinos will not automatically re-enable the player’s account unless instructed to do so.

Regardless of the reasons for which the player requests this option, casinos are required to do their utmost to ensure that the self-exclusion decision is honored once the feature is activated. They do this by monitoring player accounts and making sure that there are no second accounts of players who have opted for self-exclusion and then changed their minds.

Tom Hanks
Written by: Tom Hanks